473 Upper Serangoon Crescent


A new 3rm BTO flat reconfigured into a wall-less suite. Privacy in the suite is maintained by an oversized galvanised steel sliding door, complete with an automated privacy screen. The sliding door close up the kitchen effectively when heavy cooking is required. Segregation of space is achieved with colour temperature of lights and floor finishing. This project also features a number of handcrafted solid wood furniture. 


62 Havelock Road


Transformation of a 18 year old re-sale condominium along Havelock Road. Focused on details not immediately visible to the untrained eyes. Walls were demolished to create a large living space that allows natural light to flow seamlessly into the dining area. Existing false ceiling that did not maximise ceiling height was removed. Aged walls were given new coat of plaster. Electrical and plumbing works redone in a fully concealed fashion. Old doors and door frame made out of solid wood were salvaged and given a fresh coat of enamel paint. 


10 Pine Close


A full overhaul to a 35 year old 3rm unit. False ceiling for whole unit to level out uneven ceiling height, a common problem for top floor units. Walls hacked, and rooms re-configured to create a hidden storeroom and larger communal space. Loving how our custom-made steel gate with laser engraved teak wood panel turned out. Oh, and that lovely mosaic backsplash. 



879 Tampines Ave 8


A stylish monochromatic 4rm BTO. Service yard walls were hacked and floor levelled to open up the kitchen space. All tile joints are mitred (45 degrees). Only crystal glass were used for bathroom doors and screens. Vinyl flooring are fully matte. Its the attention to details that makes a home. 


26 St Michaels


A 430 sq ft shoebox apartment. It is always a challenge to build around existing fixtures, and to ensure any additions complement the existing style. Sofa, study desk and bed were all custom built onto existing bay window ledge to maximise space. Owner's love for natural materials are reflected by their choice of live-edge solid teak counter top and blanco statuario marble top.