Housed in a fully-equipped workshop and a design studio, we are a tribe of designers and builders that take a space from inspiration to realization. Creatively driven yet deeply grounded in craft, we chase the big ideas with an eye on the little details that make it work.

TMMI is a partnership between The Merry Men Group and Kitzig Group of companies. Collectively we own and operate:

  • Robin Wood Pte Ltd (Member of Singapore Contractor Association Ltd)

  • TMMW Pte Ltd (Events Carpentry and Custom Fabrication)

  • Herman Furniture Pte Ltd (Specialist In Live-edge solid wood)

  • Kitzig Design Studio Pte Ltd (HDB Licensed Contractor)

  • KTZ Construction Pte Ltd (BCA Registered Builder)

  • KTZ Air Conditioning & Services (In-House AC Technicians)

We have over 20 years of experience in the renovations and construction industry. Our team of in-house workers specialises in demolition, masonry, plasterceil, painting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, solid wood furniture making, etc. 

TMMI values quality materials, good workmanship, and a stress free renovation for home-owners


Effortless Contracting

“This is what I want, please execute”

Perfect if you already have it all designed. Hand us your vision and we’ll have the game plan to realize it.

Design Co-Creation

“ I want to be involved in the design process”

This is for you if you want to highly customize your design and already have an aesthetic in mind. We’ll walk with you through every step in the design process and collaborate with you to create the house of your dreams.

Omakase Renovating

“Here’s my budget, I’ll trust you guys with everything else”

Guided by the omakase philosophy, we free you from the burden of indecision. Drawing from your sensibilities, lifestyle and needs, we take care of every element and make the most out of your budget so everything comes together just right for a stress-free renovation.